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A strange object found on Mars


UFO hunters are convinced that life once existed on the Red Planet. The latest discovery of a clam-like shell could be the evidence of such claim.

As more people scour Martian images placed on line by NASA desperate for evidence of other lifeforms, the shell follows the location of a monkey, bear, mouse, crab, and scorpion, all apparently found in Mars photographs.

The “clam” was posted to UFO websites alongside pictures of the real thing as a comparison, but others have suggested it could be a buried statue’s hand or gauntlet.

Other recent discoveries in the pictures sent back to Earth by the Curiosity Rover – a four-wheel-drive dried scouring the planet for NASA – then placed online by the US space agency include a partially-buried guinea pig stature and a Mount Rushmore-style rocky outcrop.

UFO hunters claim the array of so-called discoveries in the pictures is compelling evidence of alien life on Mars, which NASA “chooses to ignore”.

Most scientists are yet to be convinced by such discoveries and put the high number down to the phenomena known as pareidolia.

This is when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar things or objects, such as faces and animals in patterns or textures like the surface of a rock.

They also point out that most of these so-called discoveries also appear to have the same texture and composition as the Martian rocks which surround them.


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