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A small town terrorized by a giant creature


A strange mystery that happened in Iowa is a topic of a new book. The book is titled The Van Meter Visitor and it is based on a visit that happened more than 100 years ago.

The small town of Van Meter, Iowa, was haunted by a giant bat-like creature in 1903. According to the story, this creature came out of an old deserted mine.

This creature was described as being half human, half animal with giant bat-like wings. It could fly very fast and would leave the strong odor behind. Its horned head was emanating a blinding light.

Residents of Van Meter used guns against this creature. However, it appeared that gunshots had no effect on it.

People saw this creature on several occasions. They saw it flying above houses, next to doors of town doctor and bank and also saw it hopping around like a kangaroo.

One resident even followed it to the old mine. He heard a noise which he described as a noise of the devil.

The identity of this creature remains a mystery.

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