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A new hole emerged on the surface of the Sun – VIDEO


A new hole on the Sun was observed by NASA’s orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory.

The appearance of this hole was influenced by an ultra fast solar wind.

This is also responsible for the appearance of Northern Light auroras. Particles can erupt in streams at a speed of 500 miles per second during solar ejections.

These holes in the top layer of the Sun are known as coronal holes. They usually occur over the Sun’s poles and lower latitudes.

A NASA spokesman explained that a corona stream driven by the strong solar wind can have a negative impact on Earth. If the stream bursts in Earth’s direction, it can generate a phenomenon known as the geomagnetic storm. If such phenomenon occurred on Earth, the disruption in power and navigation could affect satellites orbiting the Earth.

These holes on the surface of the Sun cannot be observed by the human eye. Furthermore, gazing at the Sun causes serious damage to your eyes. Photographs were captured at an ultraviolet wavelength.


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