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A mystery: Who gave the Sphinx to ancient Egyptian Civilization?

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Many researchers believe that the sphinx is one of the most ancient and mysterious structures on Earth. Some even believe that it was constructed by a culture that actually predates the civilization of the Ancient Egyptians!

There never was a trace of information about the purpose and origin of the Sphinx. Even its age is a mystery, a fact that led many scientists to question whether it was built by ancient Egyptians.

Evidence was found that that the Giza plateau was flooded in the distant past and researchers believe that the Pyramids and the Sphinx are structures that actually survived the great flood.

Mainstream historians have no idea who made these monuments and many believe they are of extraterrestrial origin.

The sphinx itself is 66 feet high and the largest monolith statue in the world. It was discovered in 1817 AD by Giovanni Battista Caviglia.

Now, there is speculation that the sphinx is a result of one of the cultures that exist before the great flood. Two Ukrainian researchers claim that it was constructed 800,000 years ago. This study about the age of the sphinx was presented at International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy held in Sofia.

They believed that the pyramids and the sphinx were submerged under water, as they believe that both monuments show signs of water erosion,

Dr. Robert M Schloch is the first to suggest the sphinx being much older than what mainstream Archeologists believed. He claimed the monument dates back to somewhere between 5000-9000 BC.

Sherif El Morsi, an archeologist, found a fossil that backs up the theory that once the sphinx and the pyramids, and indeed the whole Giza plateau, were submerged under water.

Another point is that there is no record about the sphinx and its construction. The problem here is that the Egyptians recorded everything obsessively and yet there is no mention of the sphinx at all.

It is also strange that the sphinx has no inscriptions or writing on its surface, which is very uncommon for the Egyptians.

Some believe that what the ancient Egyptians called balhib and bilhaw was the Sphinx.

Augusta Mariette found, in the 1850s, the Inventory Stella. It was stored in the ruins of The Temple of Isis and it clearly shows that the sphinx was restored by Khufu, suggesting that it was built long ago before this pharaoh ruled. The Stelle goes:

Long live The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khufu, given life
He found the house of Isis, Mistress of the Pyramid, by the side of the hollow of Hwran (The Sphinx)
and he built his pyramid beside the temple of this goddess and he built a pyramid for the King’s daughter Henutsen beside this temple.
The place of Hwran Horemakhet is on the South side of the House of Isis, Mistress of the pyramid
He restored the statue, all covered in painting, of the guardian of the atmosphere, who guides the winds with his gaze.
He replaced the back part of the Nemes head-dress, which was missing with gilded stone
The figure of this god, cut in stone, is solid and will last to eternity, keeping its face looking always to the East

Gaston Maspero stated that in the 13th line of the Stella that the sphinx was not made by Khufu.

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  • Philip Kiumi

    It is so simple if only scientists would believe the Bible. Noah’s civilisation before the flood was as advanced or probably more than today’s. Jesus said that the last days would parallel those of Noah’s. They were able to harness atomic or comparable power to mine and move those huge stone blocks into position, not to mention the precise nature of their architecture and alignment with the earth’s dimensions and physical laws.

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