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A mysterious dome discovered on Mars – VIDEO


One of the latest discoveries among many concerning Mars is a discovery of what is believed to be a dome on Mars.

This was revealed thanks to NASA’s picture of the surface of Mars. The existence of domes on Mars proves that someone or something built them in the past.

The image was taken by NASA’s Opportunity rover. Ufologists confirmed that it can’t be a natural formation. If the structure is observed more closely, it becomes obvious that small dark circles spread all over the base of the structure.

Even though the mysterious dome could actually be just another rock formation, ufologists disagree.

It is obvious that the mysterious dome is not like the surrounding terrain and that it really stands out in the image.

It could be that this structure is a part of an ancient one, built by those who inhabited Mars in the past. Such pieces of evidence should not be ignored.

An ex-Marine revealed that people already conducted a secret space program. Even though our society is being told that people have never been to Mars and that the technology required for that needs further development, that is not the case.

Over the last ten years, several people have claimed that people have already been on Mars. Captain Kaye revealed that he spent years on Mars and worked at a giant space carrier for three years. The truth remains to be unveiled.

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