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A mummified alien found hidden in the chamber of the Great Pyramid


When it comes to Egyptian pyramids, it is absolutely normal to find mummies inside their chambers. But, it is very odd and unexpected if there is a mummified alien inside of a pyramid.

Well, this is exactly what happened in 1988, when Louis Caparat, an Egyptologist form France went to Egypt to explore the Great Pyramid. He most certainly had not expected to find an alien inside the 4,500 years old monument.

The alien was found inside of a secret chamber, lying in a clear case, which served as a life-support to the unidentified creature. Sure, after the discovery like this, a thorough examination followed.

A document in the form of a papyrus scroll served as the first lead to identifying this alien and understanding the circumstances of his burial. Text on this scroll indicated that this was actually an alien, a messenger from the period of Pharaoh Khufu. As the inscriptions say, this alien came to the Earth because his extraterrestrial race was interested in Egyptians.

The extraterrestrial guest was welcomed and accepted very well, which is why he was buried inside the pyramid. Another detail also indicates that the Egyptians had extraterrestrial connections. The life support system found along with the alien mummy had been working for thousands of years, pointing out to the presence of alien technology, which probably made the building of pyramids possible.

Spanish biologist F. de Braga wanted to help Caparat to examine these remains, but the Egyptian authorities resisted, sent him back home and took the remains over.

That is the moment when the research ended, and the Egyptian authorities never provided the official statement or explanation.

However, this was not the only case of finding an alien body in a pyramid.

The legend says that, in 813 CE, Abdullah al-Ma’mun, the son of Harun al-Rashid discovered the remains of an alien, while trying to break into the ancient tomb. The alien was buried with numerous precious objects.

In addition to this, author Peter Tompkins describes the treasure that Ma’mun found in a man-shaped sarcophagus. Those items were made from gold and decorated with precious stones.

Another example of a burial of an extraterrestrial being was found inside the El-Lahun pyramid. It was discovered by Viktor Lubek, a Pennsylvanian retired professor, in 1997. This 5-foot-long mummy dates from about 1880 BC, and even though there wasn’t too much information about it, it was clear that this being never had external ears and had almond-shaped eyes and the skin resembling the skin of a reptile.

Writings from the inside of the tomb identify this mummy as Osirunet, a king’s counselor.

The Osirunet’s body was covered with linen wraps and a mixture of clay and gold and the objects found next to it were made from an unknown material.

Further research on Osirunet’s remains was supposed to take place in Florida, where the remains were transported, but there are still no updates on this case.

A story about a 15-inch long mummified finger discovered in 1988 had almost the same enigmatic epilogue.

Yes, it is clear that there is not enough evidence to confirm the accuracy of these findings. However, they could be true. For example, the fact that building Egyptian pyramids required advanced engineering, mathematical and astronomical skills could lead us to conclude that the Egyptians couldn’t have done it without some extraterrestrial help. Science may disagree on that, but nothing prevents us from imagining.

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