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A microchip that is 250 million years old


There are many pieces of evidence which prove that technologically advanced civilizations were present on our planet in the distant past.

Many objects were discovered by researchers and archaeologists, while the origin of those objects cannot be easily identified. The only logical explanation is that such objects belonged to sophisticated and advanced societies, which no longer live on our planet.

Maybe it is time for historians to take these findings into account and consider the possibility that written history is not that accurate.

One of such mysterious findings is a microchip discovered in Labinsk, Russia. It seems that some kind of a microchip was embedded into a rock.

Researchers believe that this discovery could be an ancient microchip. Ancient microchip could be millions of years old.

This microchip was subjected to numerous tests. Researchers concluded that this object was used as a microchip in ancient times. It even has some sort of marking on it.

This ancient microchip could serve as a proof of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet Earth. On the other hand, this microchip could have been brought to Earth by a species that lives on another planet.

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  • leconfidant

    In ten years, we’ll all be laughing that a microchip would actually be that big.

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