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A massive tsunami flooded northeastern Europe 8.150 years ago – VIDEO


Tribes which lived in northeastern Europe more than 8000 years ago were wiped out by an enormous tsunami.

This tsunami was activated by underwater landslide off the coast of Norway. It is believed that huge waves flooded what is now Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Scotland and parts of England’s northern coastline.

This story came into focus because scientists discovered evidence of such enormous waves and what they did to the area. Evidence of sediment was discovered on the island of Rømø on the west coast of Denmark.

It was revealed that these waves managed to spread out across the Norwegian Sea and infiltrate deep into the North Sea.

These waves were 2m and probably higher. People struck by such powerful waves on the Danish coast probably did not survive.

Dr Mikkel Freurgaard and his team of geologists revealed in their study that the Storegga tsunami spread across 900 – 1000 km (559-621 miles) of the shallow continental shelf of the North Sea.

The Storegga slide responsible for this tsunami sent huge waves across the coastline of Norway and Iceland. It is also believed that the waves reached the Faroe Islands, Orkney and large parts of the coastline of mainland Britain.

The lake in that area was affected by this flooding. According to Dr Freurgaard, sea water, marine sand and organic materials were transported to the lake because of the flooding.

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