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A group of 40 people saw a fleet of 12 UFOs – VIDEO


A group of people in Los Angeles witnessed an amazing sighting of 12 UFOs. The video of this event was uploaded on YouTube.

The group of 40 was gathered for a meditation session. Instead of that, they witnessed a fleet of 12 white orbs.

Fausto Perez revealed that the sighting was utterly amazing. While some consider this video a fake, others believe that the group managed to summon the UFOs to LA.

Other theories say  that this sighting was a consequence of a portal opened by Large Hadron Collider.

One of the viewers of this video, named Chefjimmie1, stated that the group managed to summon fallen angels by channeling their energy through meditation.

This group has been doing these meditation sessions for the past two years. They gather in order to summon UFOs using their telepathic energy. According to the group, their meditation was successful because UFOs appeared the moment they stopped the meditation.

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