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A giant mouse discovered on Mars – VIDEO


Recent footage of the surface of Mars revealed a new creature roaming freely. According to these images, a giant mouse appears to be sniffing out the surroundings.

This discovery was made by YouTube video maker Jason Hunter. He is one of those UFO researchers who look at pictures of Mars in order to make interesting discoveries.

Another researcher, Scott C Waring, agreed that this finding resembles a giant mouse.

However, they could not determine whether this mouse is alive or not.

Ever since photographs of the surface of Mars became available to the public, people discovered many interesting objects and creatures in these photographs. They believe that NASA is aware of these findings, but chose not to comment on them.

So far, UFO researchers have discovered a bear, lizard, rat, squirrel, aliens, buildings, homes fossils and other.

NASA considers these findings as a result of a phenomenon called pareidolia.


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