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A giant asteroid will pass the Earth on Halloween – VIDEO


The Earth is in danger of an asteroid named 2015 TB145. This asteroid is coming towards our planet at a speed of 78,000 miles an hour.

It is estimated that this asteroid will pass the Earth on October 31 at a distance of 302,000 miles. As it might hit the Earth on Halloween, this asteroid is also called Spooky.

NASA labeled the path of this asteroid with the level 9, which means that the trajectory of this asteroid is highly uncertain.

Because the same asteroid is going to pass by the Moon at a distance of 180,000 miles, chances are that it will have some impact on the Moon. Mars does not have an atmosphere around it, so the asteroid of such great proportions could hit the Moon at a full speed.

If an impact of a rock of 40 cm in size can cause an explosion equivalent to the explosion of five tonnes of TNT, imagine what damage can be caused by a huge asteroid.

If such scenario took place, unknown-size pieces of the asteroid and the Moon would fall into our atmosphere. This impact could also have an effect on tidal levels. Also, the dust cloud could block out the Sun and have an impact on temperatures on Earth.

The movement of Spooky is diligently monitored by astronomers of the Slooh Telescope internet channel. The size of this asteroid is estimated to be from 951-2,130 feet in diameter.

Slooh is a community of citizen astronomers who are observing and tracking Near-Earth Asteroids using Slooh’s network of observatories. Slooh has partnered up with NASA in 2014.

This project allows citizen astronomers to use professional telescope equipment at world class sites in order to be a part of a global challenge to discover all asteroids that could possibly be harmful to Earth.

Slooh astronomers believe that Spooky won’t hit the Moon this time. They also explained that if the Moon is hit, its debris will take a lot of time to reach the Earth and won’t cause any damage to Earth.

giant asteroid that has an Earth orbit-crossing trajectory could be dangerous if it hit the Moon.


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