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A divine message from DNA (Video)


When no one expected, a team of scientists from Harvard University discovered a detail testifying about the existence of God. As they announced, one segment of human DNA was hiding a secret message, which consisted of 22 Aramaic words.

This is only a part of a message, but for researchers, that was enough to understand that the message was describing the role of God in creating life on our planet.

The scientists came to this amazing discovery thanks to some unusual mathematical patterns that existed in one segment of DNA.

As scientists explained, they were sure that those patterns were not meant to be there, but they couldn’t tell how they got inside the human genome. They even said that they accidentally realized that the message was written in ancient Aramaic, after comparing those patterns and contents of language databases.

Aramaic was the language of Jesus Christ, and the meaning of the message containing the biblical name for the Judeo-Christian god (Yahweh), was confirmed by linguists.

The message was: “Hello my children. This is Yahweh, the one true Lord. You have found creation’s secret. Now share it peacefully with the world.”

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