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US Government made a secret agreements with the Greys


Many sources indicate that the US Government has made some secret agreements with the Greys. The initial agreement took place in 1954.

It is believed that Grey aliens had a meeting with the US President Dwight Eisenhower at Edwards Air Force Base.

This agreement is known under two names. The first one is Edwards Agreement and the second is the Tau IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity.

Based on this agreement, the US government seems to have said “yes” to the possible abductions of people. In addition to this, the Greys made a promise to return them safely after they erased their memory.

However, many abductees noted that such abductions were unpleasant and horrible.

Because government permitted these abductions, they would receive advanced alien technology in return. Also, the exchange of ambassadors from both parties happened.

Prior to this agreement, an alien spacecraft was discovered near Roswell in 1947. Alien bodies were discovered inside this spacecraft. Modern ufology was born after this incident.

The following event took place in Mexico in 1949. One survivor was discovered in this crash and it was named EBE. This acronym stands for an extraterrestrial biological entity. The US Government successfully made contact with his people after this incident. A device was built following the instructions of EBE in 1951. This device enabled communication with aliens.

As Dwight Eisenhower disappeared on the night of the agreement, it is believed that aliens secretly took him. He covered this up by saying that he had a sudden dental treatment.

After this meeting, many of attendees began to experience many psychological illnesses ranging from dysfunctional behavior to suicide.

Many people stated that they were a part of this event. Gerald Light was apparently one of them. He stated that he witnessed when many alien aircrafts were examined by Air Force Officials together with aliens. His statement was supported by many who claimed the same.

William Cooper who is an ex-officer of Naval Intelligence mentioned two occasions when contact with extraterrestrials was made through binary code. He also separates two kinds of aliens. The first one is known as the Nordic aliens and they are friendly to humankind. The others are the Greys who have a different approach.

Based on the agreement under the non-aggression treaty between humanity and the Greys, it was specified that parties would not interfere in each other’s affairs. Their existence on Earth should not be disclosed and they can perform tests on human beings without harming them in any way.

They wanted humans to get rid of nuclear weapons because these lead to self destruction. This was rejected by the US president.

According to John Lear, President Eisenhower refused the offer of the Nordics because they did not offer any technology.

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