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A bear or other four-legged animal is walking freely on the surface of Mars – VIDEO


UFO researchers noticed something interesting in the latest photographs of the surface of Mars. They discovered a four-legged mammal, which was added to the list of other interesting discoveries from Mars that were made in the past.

Scott C Waring is one of those UFO hunters who saw a bear in one of these photos. He previously discovered aliens, crabs and other objects.

He is convinced that he discovered a real bear and not just shadows. Another source of such claims is a YouTube user known as Paranormal Crucible. According to him, this discovery could be some kind of a rodent or a prairie-dog-looking creature.

Whether this creature is a bear or a rodent, this discovery proves that forms of life are present on the surface of Mars.

Mr Waring also added that the reason why NASA is publishing these photos in black and white proves that the agency wants to deceive people from seeing the truth. He is going to inform the Secretary General of the United Nations about this.

The scientists describe these sightings to be the product of a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

It must be noted that these so-called discoveries are usually shades lighter or darker than the rest of the rocky surrounding on the surface of Mars. People actually believe that different shades of rocks represent some objects or living creatures.

The only time NASA made any comment on these discoveries was in August, when they stated that these discoveries are a result of pareidolia.

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