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Metallic books reveal new details about Christianity


Discovery of 70 small books bound with wire could question our present knowledge of Christianity.

These tiny books reveal images, symbols and words which relate to Messiah, crucifixion and resurrection. Since some of the books are sealed, the academics are wondering whether these could be the lost compilation of codices which are referred to in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

Dr. Margaret Barker stated that sealed books are mentioned in The Book of Revelations. These books hide the greatest wisdom and were only open to Messiah. A secret tradition passed by Jesus to his closest disciples is disclosed in these sealed books.

The location of discovery of these books is in a remote part of Jordan. After the fall of Jerusalem, Christian refugees retreated to this location. Moreover, this is not the first discovery of ancient documents in this area.

These books were discovered by a Jordanian Bedouin. However, they remain in Israel since they were smuggled in the country by an Israeli.

It was confirmed that these books originate sometime near the first century after Christ. It is believed that this discovery could be one of the crucial evidence from the beginning of the Christian era. Contemporary stories of Christ’s final days could be disclosed within these books. Experts in this area believe that this is an authentic historical finding.

According to emeritus professor of biblical studies at the University of Sheffield, Philip Davies, the strong proof validates that the books are of Christian origin since there are plaques showing a map of the holy city of Jerusalem. These also give information about the crucifixion which happened beyond the city walls.

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