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6 enigmatic objects in our solar system that reveal Planet X DOES exist

planet nine

Although skeptics question the existence of Planet X, there are various objects in our solar system that prove its existence.

The extreme eccentricity of distant Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO) could indicate that they have crossed paths with a massive planet in the distant past, the supposed missing planet beyond Pluto: Planet NINE, aka Planet X.

Earlier this year, astronomers at the California Institute of technology  announced new evidence directly supporting the existence of a giant planet lurking the edge of our solar system, far beyond of the Pluto. They have called it “Planet Nine.” The enigmatic Planet (X) orbits our sun at such a distance that it needs between 10,000 – 20,000 years to complete a single orbit around it.

The authors, of the study Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin, suggest that the smaller bodies located on the edges of the solar system appear to be influenced by the gravity of a hidden planet – a “massive perturber.”

Brown and Batygin indicated that the objects in the Kuiper Belt seemed very grouped with respect to their perihelion and orbital planes. Even more interestingly, they calculated that the odds of this being a mere coincidence were extremely low:(0.007%).

Brown and Batygin theorize that there is an eccentric distant planet responsible for all of the anomalous patterns seen in the Kuiper belt objects. The planet in question is supposedly ten times more massive than Earth, and an orbit that was more or less in the same plane (but oriented at 180 ° with respect to the Kuiper belt objects perihelion).

A new study called: Corralling a distant planet with extreme resonant Kuiper belt objects, published by including Professor Renu Malhotra, Dr. Kathryn Volk, and Xianyu Wang from the University of Arizona, a totally new perspective is offered by the possible existence of the enigmatic celestial object called Planet Nine or Planet X.

If in fact, “Planet X” crosses paths with certain objects in the Kuiper belt with high eccentricity, then this planet should definitely be in resonance with them.

After examining the orbital periods of six objects in the Kuiper belt -Sedna, 2010 GB174, 2004 VN112, 2007 TG422, 2012 VP113 and 2013 GP136, the group of researchers came to the conclusion that a hypothetical planet with an orbital period of about 17,117 years (or greater semiaxis of around 665 AU), would have the necessary proportions to influence these objects.

This would correspond to the estimated parameters set by Batygin and Brown for the orbital period of the Ninth Planet or Planet X (10,000 to 20,000 years).

Planet X, the Ninth Planet or referred to as Nibiru by some, has been the planet everyone has wanted to find. The search for this enigmatic celestial body started almost a century ago. For decades, an open debate remains among astronomers about the existence of Planet X, a large celestial body that supposedly orbits the outer edge of our solar system, but so far not a single celestial body that fits the descriptions of Planet X has been found, at least not until now.



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