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Recognize a lost soul based on these symptoms


A lost soul is someone who has blocked the innate guidance coming from the higher self. By doing this, they have also rejected feeling the infinite love of the universe. The result of this is a struggle, anger and sadness.

Interaction with lost souls is difficult because they emit poorer vibrational energy, and many people can be repelled by their stance.

The people who lost their way have to be showered with sympathy, unconditional love and acceptance.

The following symptoms describe a lost soul.

An attitude of defense – Lost souls are driven by their ego so they will often guard their positions and emphasize that they are always right. Their opinion only matters. They defend their stances by providing a list of explanations why something won’t work for them.

If you come across this person, just accept their attitude. Arguing with a lost soul is not recommended as they will discard any advice given to them. You can put your advice forward, but back away when they start to list everything against that advice.

That individual will come to you after some time and tell you that you were right when you once gave them a piece of advice. Lost souls consider everything as a direct attack on their egos, so it is best to let them consider you well-intended advice on their own.

Inflexible – Lost souls are known to show no interest for different people and different choices. However, the higher self should have love for all and accept all. If unconditional love is blocked, then also a person won’t be able to radiate unconditional love to others. Their love will be received by people who behave in a similar way.
If a lost soul behaves in an intolerant or offensive way to others, you should tell them once that you do not approve of that and stop the discussion. As disagreeing with a lost soul is hopeless case, just say what bothers you and go on to something else. If their ego is not challenged, the bigger chance is that they will consider what you just said.

The same mistakes are continuously repeated – A lost soul always repeats the same mistakes. Such mistakes involve in and out of work, committing the same crimes, repeating the pattern of abusive relationship and similar. People make mistakes, but most of us do not make the same mistakes all over again. A lost soul suffers a lot due to their repeated mistakes.

People should realize that this pattern is repeated because a lost soul has rejected the love of the universe and has forgotten how to care for himself or herself. They do not make these mistakes intentionally, but because they do not have the guidance of the universe.
They should never be criticized because of their life choices. Instead, accept them and love them no matter what. However, do not let them drag you into their world of bad choices.

How to cope with a lost soul 

Being a witness to defensiveness, close-mindedness, and continuous self-harm can be quite difficult. In light of that, you should bear in mind that each of us has chosen its life path. Lost souls have chosen to experience such life. We are all free to decide for ourselves.  Therefore, who are we to decide for someone else? We wouldn’t like to be deprived of freedom to choose. The only thing we can do is express our opinion kindly without hurting anybody’s feelings.

If you want to help someone who appears lost, just accept them, care for them and give them love that they deserve. If you do so, lost souls will find a way to reconnect with the world around them.

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