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3 alternative doctors found dead – is there a connection?


A series of deaths of natural health doctors happened in the last few weeks.

The first death was of the Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD who was discovered in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Even though the police stated that it was a suicide, his family is suspicious.

Donation can be made to a donation page which was established by his family. The purpose of this page is to collect money for further investigation. His former patients donated over $25,000.

Another doctor was discovered dead in his car.  The reason behind the death of Dr. Bruce Hedendal is unidentified.

Despite the fact that their unusual treatments helped people, they both had disagreements with the feds because of it. Prior to the death of Bradstreet, FDA raided his office.

One more doctor died under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Teresa Sievers was allegedly killed in an upscale neighborhood by unidentified attacker. She was also a natural health doctor.

It was noted that all of them had perfect health and did not show any signs of depression. Since the reason why someone would want to kill them is still unknown, their deaths remain a mystery.

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