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1,500 light years away from Earth, there could be alien megastructure says Dr. Michio Kaku

Alien megastructure

Dr. Michio Kaku revealed that an alien megastructure could be located 1,500 light years away from Earth.

He made this assumption on the basis of an anusual light that is coming from a star know as KIC 8462852.

The mystery dimming of star KIC 8462852 has fueled intensive research as dozens of scientists have desperately tried explaining what causes the mysterious light fluctuations of the star.

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku believes that the potential alien megastructure around the mystery star could be “the biggest story in the past five-hundred years!”

According to Dr. Kaku, “this star is breaking all the rules” and “we would have to rewrite astronomy textbooks” to think anything different.

“Basically, if a planet eclipses a Mother Star, goes in front of the Mother Star, Starlight drops maybe one percent at maximum–however starlight has been dropping at twenty-two percent,” Dr. Kaku explained in an interview.

“There is a colossal, humongous, object of some sort blocking the starlight from this star. We’ve ruled out all of the usual suspects; rouge planets, comets, asteroids and the only thing left is an ‘alien superstructure’ of some type.”

“We’re talking about what’s called a Type Two Civilization that could build a gigantic [Dyson Sphere] sphere possibly bigger than Jupiter to absorb starlight,  to produce energy and is right out of science fiction,” added Dr. Kaku.

So far scientists continue monitoring the mystery star which displays hundreds of anomalous dips in the star’s light. Mysteriously, these dips do not appear to be parodic at all and have strange shapes as well. Researchers agree that it’s nearly impossible that the strange dips in the Stars luminosity are caused by planets since it would cause a dip pattern which repeats itself regularly, something that is not happening at KIC 8462852.

Researchers believe that two to three years of continuous observations using the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT), could most likely enable the team to spectroscopically identify material around KIC 8462852, and solve one of the biggest astronomical mysteries of the 21st century.

Media interest in the mystery star went viral when a group of astronomers from Pennsylvania State University published a


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