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10 bewildering facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza that you probably didn’t know

Great Pyramid Giza

The Great Pyramid was studied and examined by many, but it still hides many secrets. There are even many interesting facts about it that you probably did not know.

There are some things worth knowing about the Great Pyramid of Giza which you history teachers most likely never mentioned in school.

The Great Pyramid of Giza has been one of the most mysterious structures for centuries. It truly is one of the most marvelous ancient wonders on the surface of the planet, and there are countless details about the Great Pyramid and its companions at the Giza plateau that are worth mentioning. However, for some reason we aren’t taught about them in history books, even though they define the structure up to its core, demonstrating just how complex and mind-boggling the Great Pyramid Really is. Whoever built the Great Pyramid of Giza (Some still are unsure whether it was Cheops although evidence strongly suggests he may have commissioned the pyramid) probably pulled off the most extravagant construction on the surface of the planet in the history of mankind.

Today many questions regarding the Great Pyramid remain unanswered, but we still are completely perplexed by the precision and accuracy embedded within the structure. Just imagine, how was it possible that the builders of the Great Pyramid erected the structure with such precision thousands of years ago, making it the most accurately aligned structure in existence that faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error?

Not only is the Great Pyramid of Gita one of the most accurately aligned structure on the surface of the planet, but it is also the center of land mass according to numerous researchers. The great Pyramid of Giza was placed at the center of the land mass of our planet. This means that the east and west parallels that cross the land and the north and south meridian that cross the most land intersect in two places on Earth: One of them is exactly where the Great Pyramid of Giza is located while the another location is somewhere in the ocean.

Precision as its best right? But there’s a lot more about the great Pyramid of Giza that you probably didn’t know about. Furthermore, the Great Pyramid of Giza is perhaps the most unique structure on Earth as researchers have demonstrated that the four faces of the pyramid are in fact slightly concave, it is the only Pyramid built that way.

But not only is the Great Pyramid of Giza concave, aerial images have demonstrated that the four sides of the pyramid are indented with a fascinating degree of precision forming the ONLY 9-sided pyramid in existence. This fascinating phenomenon is not visible from the ground, but only from the air and then only under the proper lighting conditions. Researchers have still no idea why the Great Pyramid of Giza was built this way.

We know that it is a unique Pyramid, but we have absolutely no idea just how unique. From what we know about the Great Pyramid of Giza, it is the only Pyramid in Egypt with both descending and ascending inner passages. While the reason behind it still remains a mystery, it is evident that the Great Pyramid was the most unique structure built in ancient Egypt.

Oh and… the Great Pyramid of Giza once shined like a star! In fact, the ancient Egyptians called the Great Pyramid “Ikhet,” meaning the “Glorious Light.” The Great Pyramid of Giza was originally covered with casing stones (made of highly polished limestone). These casing stones reflected the sun’s light and made the pyramid shine like a jewel. They are no longer present being used by Arabs to build mosques after an earthquake in the 14th century loosened many of them. It has been calculated that the original pyramid with its casing stones would act like gigantic mirrors and reflect light so powerful that it would be visible from the moon (I doubt that one thought) as a shining star on earth.

Mathematical precision: If the above details didn’t catch your attention the following surely will. Did you know that the weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons? Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass. Pretty awesome right?

If we look further into the structure we will find the Sun’s radius: Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles]

Crazy right? But there’s more to the structure than you ever thought possible. Did you know that the relationship between Pi (p) and Phi (F) is expressed in the fundamental proportions of the Great Pyramid? Doesn’t all of this make you wonder how all of this was possible thousands of years ago?

Oh and… thousands of years after someone built the most extravagant ancient structure on the planet, the Great Pyramid still offers many details proving just how mysterious and full of surprises it is. Recently researcher belonging to the Scan Pyramids Project have found numerous peculiarities within the Pyramid. First of all, there are thermal anomalies present within the Pyramid. Secondly, researchers firmly believe there are TWO secret chambers hidden from sight somewhere inside the Pyramid. This proves just how complex the structure really is.


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