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Recognize a lost soul based on these symptoms

A lost soul is someone who has blocked the innate guidance coming from the higher self. By doing this, they have also rejected feeling the infinite love of the universe. The result of this is a struggle, anger and sadness. Interaction with lost souls is difficult because they emit poorer …

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Tattoo are toxic and can cause many health issues

Even though tattooing is a worldwide trend, there are certain health risks that people should be aware of. Some of the ink that is used in tattooing is made of heavy metals. When mercury in red ink goes through the pierced skin, it is rooted forever in skin. According to …

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China has increased import of oil from Russia

China has become Russia’s top crude oil importer since they imported a record of 3.92 million metric tons of crude oil. According to Gao Jian, an analyst, Russia has increased its export of crude oil due to the good relations with China. Based on the data from the Chinese General …

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Former Ukraine’s President was overthrown by an illegal operation

Based on the request of the Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s Supreme Court has to announce that previous president Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown by an illegal operation. Official petition available only in Russian language stated that Poroshenko seeks court acknowledgement that removal of the presidential title from Viktor Yanukovych was unconstitutional. …

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Health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is perfect as sports energy drink since it is low on calories, contains sodium and potassium. The level of potassium is four times higher than in bananas. Coconut water can hydrate your body well after a workout or any other physical activity. There are many health benefits of coconut …

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US wants to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia

President Putin had announced in early June that Russia would deploy more than 40 new ICBMs. Since everyone was concerned over this, the EU guided by the US, has extended economic sanctions against Russia. Ashton Carter also stated that NATO must stand up against Russian aggression. They all oppose to …

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Ease your back pain without leaving your couch

If you are having some back problems, you should try these few and simple exercises to fight off the pain. Moreover, you can do these without even leaving your chair. Pain in the lower back – Sit up in your chair. Lift one of your knees to your chest by …

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Russia and China present a serious danger to the dollar

While people were giving their attention to other news, case against the Russian government was settled by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague with $50 billion to shareholders of the former oil company Yukos. Following this court decision, the governments of Belgium and France have frozen Russian state …

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