Thursday , March 30 2017
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Health Ranger awarded U.S. patent for breakthrough anti-radiation formula that eliminates Cesium-137 from your body

A Health Ranger has introduced a breakthrough technology which is able to eliminate radioactive cesium isotopes from the human digestive tract. In yet another science breakthrough for humanity, the U.S. patent office has just awarded patent # US 9526751 B2 for a unique formula called “Cesium Eliminator” which eliminates radioactive cesium …

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Russia builds an ‘unstoppable’ 4,600mph cruise missile

Russia has built a hypersonic missile capable of destroying an aircraft carrier with a single impact, it has been reported. Kremlin chiefs claim to have constructed a Zircon cruise missile which travels between 3,800mph and 4,600mph – five to six times the speed of sound. Experts warn the ‘unstoppable’ projectiles …

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Where China plans to deploy anti-THAAD cruise missiles

It is believed that China will have a serious response to the US plans to deploy THAAD missile system on the Korean Peninsula.  In January 2017 the Xinhua news agency reported that China and Russia agreed on certain joint military measures in response to the expected deployment of the American THAAD …

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US forces block Syrian army advance to Raqqa

It looks like US forces are blocking the advance of the Syrian army in preparation for the partition of Syria. The likelihood of Raqqa being returned to Syria is looking slim as the US backed operation close to the city plans to “block any advance by Syrian government forces from …

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